Bandura App is a mobile application dedicated to the Ukrainian musical instruments- Today Job Updates

Bandura App is a mobile applications dedicated to Ukrainian musicals instrument

- Play bandura/kobza or other Ukrainians instruments

- Listen to folk or modern banduras songs

- Watch lectures by modern kobza and bandura players

This Guzheng teacher is one of the best virtual guzheng for mobiles and tablets. The app offers lots of songs with easy lessons and we add new cards every week,Don't waste any mores time/start playing now

Function:- Full string guzheng with 21 strings

- Play with over 650,000 songs from music songbooks

- Daily Challenge mode

- Global leaderboard

- Multi-touch and swipe supported

- Be ables to records sound whiles playings

- Supports a wide range of keyboard instruments (piano, grand piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion, electric guitar, harp, cello pizzicato, guzheng, nylon guitar, plucked string, music box, sitar, xylophone, harp, vibrato, clarinet, ukulele, brass, Thai Bells, Tabbla, Dizi, Banjo, Flute, Saxophone, Cellto, Hamonica, Trumpet, Violin, Panpipe, Maracas, Tuba, Cymbal, Kalimba,...)

- Lesson mode for easy learning

- Musical games to practice

- Added Magic Guzheng mode

A violin, sometimes known as a fiddle, is a wooden stringed instrument in the violin family. Most violins have a hollow wooden body. It is the smallest and regularly used tool in the family. Smaller violin-type instruments exist, including violin piccolos and kit violins, but these are not used in practice. The violin usually has four strings tuned in perfect fifths and is most often played by pulling a bow over the strings, but it can also be played by plucking the strings with the fingers (pizzicato) and striking the strings with the wooden side. bow

Everyone please try it, it's a great experience

Learn to play guitar, ukulele, bass or sing with 1000's of songs, lessons and exercises

YOUSICIAN - a fast and fun way to learn, play and master piano, guitar, bass, ukulele or singing/singing and enjoy thousands of song on yours REAL INSTRUMENTS

supports acoustic and electric instruments

Yousician is your personal music teacher! The app listens to your playing and provides instant feedback on your accuracy and timing and designed by experts music teachers or our curriculum will help musicians of all skill levels improve/ from completes beginners to professional

Step-by-step video guides guide you through each lesson and the fun game tracks your progress and keeps you motivated to practices or learn and you will simply be surprised how quickly your skills develop and so grab your guitar, bass or ukulele, sit down at your piano or keyboard or warm up to singing and start playing now!

The violin is an important instrument in a wide variety of musical genres and they are most prominent in the Western classical traditioh or both in ensembles from chamber music to orchestras/as solo instruments, and in many varieties of folk music, including country music, bluegrass music, and jazz. Solid-body electric violins with piezoelectric pickups are used in some forms of rock music and jazz fusion, with pickups plugged into the instrument's amplifiers and speakers to produce sound and furthermore or the violin came to be played in many non-Western musical cultures or including Indian music/Iranian music and the name of the violin is often used regardless of the type of music playeds on it


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