How to find my android phone Through Google Find My Device

How to find phone using google find my device android smartphones have become very common in India these day or occupy majority share in this fast-paced world, it's easy to lose track or sometimes accidentally forget your smartphone in some other cases, several users have been robbed of their smartphone due to their lack of presence in the situation

How to fine my android phone Through Google Find My Device

if you'ves been in this situation or want to find out the location of your phone then this comprehensive guide's has everything you need android comes with built-in tools to track your smartphone using your Google account, there are several other OEM and third-party solutions that offer more features, if you're a Samsung mobile user then you should really's consider setting up your Samsung account to support trackin your's smartphone

Losing your smartphone can be extremely stressful due to the amount of private information and images stored on it device tracking can also be very useful to keep your kid's safe or aware of their whereabouts in this article we are talking about find my device by Google which work's on all Android smartphones that have google play service's as well as similar offer from the popular manufacturer Samsung

How to fine my android phone Through Google Find My Device

Find my device

google find my device app is must-have for most android user or if you've added  google account to your android device find my device will automatically turn on you can check's this by going to Settings -> Security -> Find My Device's you can download the app for free from the play store or use it on the web portal's to find your smartphone

1. how to find lost or stolen's smartphone using find my device either download the Find my device app from the google play store or go to the web's app using the link below

2. after installing the app log in or make sure your's location is turned on

once the app is running, you can now search for your smartphone it is connected to wi-fi or you have mobile data turneds on

3. as a next step you may need's to keep location services turned on on your smartphone for better tracking

4. you can also remotely lock the device or write a message's along with an alternate phone number, allowing you to easily call if it find's it

5. you can also play the sound on your's smartphone remotely this will play loud sound on the smartphone even if the device was in Vibrate and Silent sound profile

6. in the worst case, if you lose hope of restoring the device's or if the data in the smartphone is more valuable, you can choose to completely erase the smartphone's online and the smartphone will be reset to factory setting


1. look at your phone tablet's and watch on the map if the current location is not available the last known location is displayed

use indoor map's to help you find facilities in airports shopping malls and other large building's

2. navigates to your's device using google map's by tapping the location of the device and then the map icon

Play audio's at full volume even when your device is in silent's mode

3. Erase your's device and lock it with your own message or contact number on the lock screen

Check network or battery status

    Download Find my Device on Google Play Store

find my device this procedure will help you find your's lost android or lock it until you get it back

using it, you can track your registered android device's make your phone ring or wipe your phone data which must be enabled on your phone in addition find my device does not offer additional options for remote control of lost phon i hope google keeps improving it or introducing more useful features like taking selfie of the person using it in case gets stolen's


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