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The Best Cracker Blaster Diwali Games App Like Real Time Diwali Crackers App - Best fun app to blast different crackers like real time.

Diwali Crackers & Magic Touch Fireworks

Let start celebrating or enjoy playing diwali with diwali cracker in this diwali games app you can blast different cracker likes sparkler chakras and pumpkins flowers pots colorful fountains rocket atomic bomb or sound crackers torch crackers etc.

Diwali festival is a religious Hindu festival celebrate of the festival an lights by lighting lamp on house, streets, shops, temple etc. or also bursting crackers everywhere.

while using this Diwali dames app it will be an exciting feeling likes your are blasting a crackers in real times.

As reals times crackers are dangerous for ours safety especially when it come to kid, this Diwali crackers apps has returned the places of original cracker.


• Your can burst all type on virtual cracker.

• Fantabulous Fireworks Simulator with sound effects.

• Diwali crackers - totally free app on download.

• Diwali crackers – very realistic Diwali cracker along with sounds.

• Created with realistic or beautiful animated background

Cracker Burst:

• In this Diwali Games app you can break all kinds of crackers like flowerpot animation, rocket shower animation, buchakras animation with Happy Diwali virtual cracker sounds.

Unlimited backgrounds:

• In this category, you can break unlimited number of cookies by touching anywhere on the colorful backlit screen.

It's a great time to have fun and spread joy with happiness. Happy Diwali Wishes!!

• Light the lamp of love;

• Detonate the chain of sorrow;

• Fire a rocket of prosperity;

• Light the pot of happiness;

• I wish you and your family;

• Sparkling Diwali Wishes

• Let's start celebrating and enjoy Diwali festivals with Diwali cracker app 2018 so start you festival with Diwali game.

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