Teacher Training Courses in India: Details, Eligibility And Jobs

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are respected and respected in the community. Education plays an important role in the development and prosperity of a nation. Teachers have an important role in educating the community. In this article, you will read about the teaching courses available in India after 12 and after graduation. Topics like feasibility criteria, career prospects, postgraduate programs and job profiles available are also discussed.

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and can apply/use that knowledge. Teacher is the person who educates the students. In short, a teacher can be called a source of knowledge!

Teaching profession is a challenging and demanding profession. A teacher is not only responsible for teaching his students, but is also responsible for making students good citizens and human beings. Not only academic development, adequate attention should be paid to the moral and emotional development of the students!

Indians face shortages of teachers who meet the requirements. Most of the Indian population is a student class. There is a need to educate this population. But the ratio of teachers and students is not true in India. This is one of the main reasons behind the increasing demand for teachers in India.

Over time, more students opt for professional courses like medical, technical, law, management etc. Over the years, there was a decline in the number of students choosing the teaching profession. Many Indian students view teaching as a low-paid profession. From here, to some extent, the number of teachers meeting the requirements available in India has also declined.

To be honest, teaching is a useful profession. It provides an opportunity to develop and educate a generation and thus helps in the development process of the nation. Various job opportunities are available in this field. Some of the well-known benefits from teaching professions are-

If you are interested in this profession, you have to pass the teaching curriculum, feasibility test/teacher qualification to become a teacher. Some courses can be done after 12. Some more courses can be done after graduation. Let's look at some of the famous teaching courses available in India. Education / Teaching courses in India are available in the format given below-

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