How to Listen and Delete Everything You’ve Ever Said to Google

It might be one of the scariest things you've visited so many times. You will be surprised to know that Google gives you the option to listen to everything from Google using (and remove) its voice search feature. Did you know that whenever you say something to Google while doing a voice search, Google records your words and saves them? Yes, if you go ahead and use Google or Google Now's voice search to find some online stuff, the tech giant delivers it.

On the Your Voice & Audio Activity page, Google saves all your voice inputs and gives you the option to listen. I just listened to myself, and honestly, it was a little annoying.

For a decade, due to the discovery of science fiction, the technology of computers controlled sound in the real world of smartphones. And it's not a surprise. What could be easier than leaving the keyboard and talking to your gadget?

In addition, each file is equipped with a plain text transcript and other information associated with it. This feature is like a digital diary that records your search history and YouTube history.

Google can record this clip to learn more about the user's natural language patterns and enhance its voice search. Even though it makes Google's data collection policy more transparent and allows users to access their data, it reminds us to be careful about something embarrassing happening to our cellphones.

As mentioned above, you can proceed and delete unwanted voice search recordings. Despite the sound history, many more options are available in the historic courtyard.

Google, Google Now, and active voice features with "OK Google" are incentives for more controlled functionality with voice. This personal assistant is installed on Android smartphones and Chrome browsers, and you can get it on Apple and Windows phones. It's an impressive technology but comes at a price.

It's old news that the entire Google business model is based on providing free services and then selling your data to advertisers and marketers. For example, Google searches and purchases and records your online purchases to help advertisers better target you with your interest ads. Learn how to stop it.
So it's no surprise that Google also tracks your voice-activated requests and searches. In the correct way. Every time you use "Ok Google" or use other vote-controlled functions, it is possible that your request is recorded, and the snippet is saved to your Google Account.

How to Listen and Delete Everything - You Have Said to Google:

How to Listen to This Recording of Yours?

On the website, Google says that this recording helps you amplify your voice better and more accurately. That may be true, but even if Google doesn't share, whoever accesses your account can hear what you're looking for.

Luckily, Google has introduced a new account tool that allows you to get your recordings and if you want to delete them. You can tell Google to stop recording your voice forever.

To get started, open and sign in. Click the " Activity Control " link under the "Personal Information and Privacy" heading, click the "Activity Control" link.

You can click the blue slider to turn off recording storage completely. However, there is no need to discard the recording it has saved. For this reason, click the "Manage Activity" link.

How to Review and Extract Audio Recordings?

After clicking on "Manage Activities", you will reach the "Voice & Audio Activity" page. If you do not want to listen to the audio files, this recording is divided by days, and many contain a copy of the request. To listen to the audio files, click Play.

If you listen to some files, you'll find that recording your request is not a big deal. Where the real concerns come in is a few seconds before we start. Wherever you are at the time, whether it's a car radio, background conversation, or even before you can say anything, you'll hear the background sound. The part is scary, by the way, and has the potential to threaten your privacy.

To delete files you don't want to be saved, just view your file, full-day, or multiple files or days, and click the Delete button. What if you want to delete everything at once?

On the right side of the screen, click on the icon with three vertical dots and select the "Delete option". Select Advanced and then select "All Time". Then click the "Delete" button, and you're done. Your audio record has been deleted.

How to Listen to All Your Amazon Echo Recordings (and delete them too!)?

Of course, Google isn't the only company that listens to you. Once activated, Alexa allows you to search the web, play music, and control other smart home enclosure devices that you add to your home network. For example, you can turn off the lights in another room, lock the front door, turn up the thermostat, and do many more things with the right smart gadgets. The disadvantage is that Amazon keeps an audio record of every voice command you issue to Alexa. When you order Alexa, the command record is stored on Amazon servers.

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