Best Industries Jobs Grow in Future 2022

If you want to find work in 2022, knowing which jobs will be most in demand is important. Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or looking to make a career change, it is good to know who is hiring, as it can help save you a lot of time and effort. You can also use the information to redirect your career or studies to the roles that are about to open.

Below are 16 job roles set to see the most growth in 2022.

Best Industries Jobs Grow in Future 2022:

1. Artificial intelligence specialist:

In the US, the growth in hiring for this job has increased by 74% in four years, as the LinkedIn Hiring as a Job report. In this role, growth is visible across all industries and continues through 2022.

Artificial intelligence specialists work in various industries but focus on and with computer programming. Develop new AI-based products in the works and enhance existing ones.

2. Data Scientist:

Many companies depend on managing large databases, which will become more important each year. Data is needed in certain areas, such as telecommunications, banking, and research. Is an expert in data management and the elimination of critical information from database data.

3. Robotics Engineer:

Companies from all sectors will use robots to streamline certain work processes in the future.
As Bloomberg noted, the Robotica sub-company reached a market valuation of nearly $36 billion at its US IPO last year, showing how fast the industry is growing. Robotics specialists are responsible for designing the hardware and software for robotics solutions.

4. Full Stack Engineer:

The LinkedIn report states that this was the second year that this role emerged on its list and has seen a growth rate of 35% since 2015.

5. Cloud Engineer:

Almost all companies now store information in the cloud so that it can play an important role in all industries. Sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, and more have special requirements for these professionals.

6. Sales Development Representative:

Due to the expansion of the technology sector, there has been a sustainable increase in this role. A continuous drive to clients ensures that the pace of recruitment doesn't slow down. Sales development aims to develop a new business model that drives sales and enhances the customer experience.

7. Cybersecurity Specialist:

Every company needs cyber security experts to protect themselves and their customer data. Fortune said that while highlighting the importance of this work, the number of data breaches exceeded 2020 in 2021.

8. Behavioral Health Technician:

This work often involves working with people who have behavioral disorders and does not require a certain degree of exposure, so it can be ideal for those who change careers later on in their lives. Want to do LinkedIn reports that a boost to obtain more mental health care has been due to increased demand for work.

9. Customer Success Specialist:

This is another role the technology sector has grown thanks to and is set to continue. This LinkedIn report states that 72% of those in that role are in the IT industry.

10. JavaScript Developer:

A LinkedIn report says that JavaScript software is one of the five most in-demand skills, making JavaScript developers one of the most sought-after professionals nationwide.

11. Vaccine Specialist:

It may not be surprising. However, vaccine and related positions (e.g., vaccine, vaccination coordinator, vaccine administrator) are considered the fastest-growing jobs. Typically this role supports production, distribution, and education around the vaccine and sees applicants with a work history in medicine, medicine, and breastfeeding.

12. Diversity and Inclusion Manager:

Consider DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion), the role in this situation is to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and wealth in an organization. This job title usually pertains to the human resources department and is commonly found in higher education, nonprofits, and health care industries.

13. Machine Learning Engineer:

This technical work will develop and implement and implement new products and application systems. As you can guess, most of these heaven company's role is in and computer software industry and background software. Most of the workers are in software engineering and artificial intelligence.

14. Search Marketing Manager:

This position will develop and manage paid search campaigns on online channels (think Google, Facebook, etc.). Work in marketing and advertising with the marketing and technology industries. And applicants who have experience in Google's search engine marketing and analytics come to recruit.

15. Business System Administrator:

People with this job title (who are also registered as computer systems administrators or network administrators) are responsible for setting up and maintaining hardware and software systems for an organization. In other words, you are dealing with keeping all computer and network companies in good health.

16. Analyst Relations Specialist:

This role serves as a liaison between analysts or consultants and the company's marketing department or senior leadership team. In addition to connecting groups of people who are often disconnected, you'll need experience in areas such as investors and employees.

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