7 Most Famous Online Courses in India

It is not surprising that online education is growing rapidly across India. If you're looking to boost your career, increase your English, or find a course to help you start a new hobby, check out our top 25 courses for Indian students.

7 Most Famous Online Courses in India:

1. Fashion and Sustainability:

Are you looking forward to making a permanent mode option? In this course by the London College of Fashion and Keating, you will gain an introduction to the main problems, agendas, and contexts related to mode and sustainability in a changing world. From sustainable fashion design to ethical research and business practices, you will find all the methods that can be adjusted and developed into a conscious business per environmental luxury brand environment.

2. Antimicrobial Stewardship:

If you are a healthcare professional looking to improve your understanding of antibiotic resistance, this 6-week course is perfect. To learn this, you'll learn with Dandi University and the British Community for Antimalarial Chemotherapy to learn how antimicrobial management can slow or reduce antibiotic resistance. You will also assess why the World Economic Forum has registered Antibiotic Resistance to Climate Change and Terrorism with its Global Risk Registers.

3. Innovation:

Innovation is an important part of life and is essential to the development of the community. This course will understand what innovation means and consider the history and development of important innovations in our daily lives. You will consider developments in innovation such that you are of great interest and, through small projects, produce and share your history with other students.

4. Exploring Cancer Medicines:

Cancer is a deadly disease in every country, including India. However, drugs continue to progress and provide solutions for cancer patients globally. If you are interested in becoming a science writer, this course will help you learn how to bring science to the general public and help you investigate the use and development of cancer drugs.

5. Forensic Facial Reconstruction:

Do you prefer yourself to be a detective scientist or forensic? In this interesting course by the University of Sheffield, you will be embraced in the forensic technique of facial reconstruction with experts involved in real criminal cases. With the help of experts, you will use facial reconstruction techniques to determine the identity of Mr. X and understand the circumstances where they die.

6. Learning Online:

Are you a student who wants to succeed in a research project? To analyze your online research skills and your ability to analyze important sources of information in the courses on Online Education by Leeds University. In this course, you'll find a variety of online information that is rich and varied in its own right, how to use search tools effectively, and find methods you can use to begin assessing information.

7. Discovering Science:

If you work in the science field and want to practice and improve your science writing skills, this CPD-certified course will help you succeed. You'll learn about the different types of scientific writing, gather accurate information and relevant opinions, and learn how to manage a successful interview. Do you want to write about scientific discovery?

8. Starting a Business 2:

In the series, We Start a Business from the University of Leeds, you will learn all about the tools that allow you to start a successful business. You'll learn about working with people and discovering networks. Whether you have an idea for a business in the future or during your studies, you already have a side-line business; this course will help you identify the people who will take your business on formal and informal business networks. Make advance. I can help you quit.

9. Impact Investing:

Learning with the Jindal Center for Social Innovation and Business Impact and Hope, one of the main impact investment platforms and policy advocates policies, is that financial strength can produce a financial return in this course. You will accept an impact investing overview, learn how you can play a role in this sector, and understand how to find an investment approach that can create a positive social or environmental impact along with financial benefits.

10. Starting a Business 3:

The other courses in our series about starting a business have proven very popular, but this one is about your customers and your competitors. This course is ranked third and will teach you to identify and understand the target market. Understand and reach your customers for any business, so if you're just starting, this course is for you.

11. Starting a Business 4:

It is clear that when starting a business, our series has proved to be popular in India, with other courses in the series featured in the top 25. In this course, you will understand how business functions and performance can be enhanced so that you can drive the business forward and manage growth. Whether you have ideas for future businesses or research at universities, you already have a side-line business; this course covers efficient business processes to increase productivity.

12. Fashion's Future:

You must have heard about the sustainable development objective undertaken by the United Nations, but do you think they are registered in the fashion industry? After completing this 4-week course with Mod Revolution, you will be empowered with new knowledge and ideas to contribute to achieving the SDGs through your wardrobe. Find out how to make clothes for the true meaning of permanent mods; this course will make you think about your mod choice.

13. Heart Health:

Having a healthy heart is an important part of good health, as our hearts are responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients around our bodies. In this university of reading course, you can learn how your heart works and how to maintain your heart health due to heart disease. You'll also understand the causes of cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and heart failure and what you can do to prevent them.

14. Learning Online:

As the growth of the Internet and social media as it continues, managing your online identity can be difficult. In this course, you will consider your online presence; You will know that what we say online and what we do can greatly impact our real lives and our other lives. You may also know how to improve your online identity using social media tools. If you are interested in growing your online existence, this course is for you.

15. Understanding Fashion:

Find a fashion business and understand the effects of fashion industry culture with a 4-week course by the Fran├žais de la Mode Institute. Dive into the world of fashion and examine fashion as a creative industry with top fashion culture and designer events and professors. Whether you work in a fashion brand, start your brand, or want to get to know the business side of fashion, this course will have something for you.


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